Creating successful, sustainable food ventures

Changing Tastes - Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Changing Tastes has partnered with the Analytical Consulting Lab at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University to conduct a multi-year study into protein and risk management in the food industry. The summary of our studies are below.


A New Recipe for Beefing up Returns: Study Finds Companies Offering Less Industrial Meat Perform Better 

Companies that choose to serve less meat have provided better returns to their investors over the past few years, compared to those that keep selling conventional beef. Deciding to serve higher quality meat that is antibiotic free, grass fed or free range also resulted in companies performing slightly better, but not as well as those that reduce meat. View the study overview here.


A Tale of Two Commodities:  Changing Dynamics in Beef and Corn Commodity Markets Challenge Food Industry Practices

It’s getting harder for companies to to make decisions  based on the price of beef, and traditional cost control measures no longer work. For decades, the price of corn moved before the price of meat by about seven to twelve months, or the time from harvesting the corn to feeding it to an animal. Now, the increasing impacts of climate change and severe weather mean that prices move as weather forecasts change and that time has been reduced leaving little time to make a decision other than to serve less beef. View the study overview here.


Corn: A New Crop of Risks for Food Companies

The price of corn, the key ingredient in the feed used in industrial livestock production, has become much more volatile over the past few years. The frequency and size of price swings all are increasing as severe weather, drought and energy traders out of the biofuel industry have all started trading on the latest weather forecasts rather than actual growing conditions and the harvest. View the study overview here.