Creating successful, sustainable food ventures

What We Do


We craft creative, strategic ways to expand markets, establish thought leadership, and promote and build markets for new products, services and solutions. We focus on working with companies that are developing new, novel and disruptive ways of doing business and accelerating change in the food and agriculture sectors.

SPE Certified / Rouge Tomate Restaurant Group

When SPE Development secured funding to expand in North America, Changing Tastes came on board to help develop the nation’s first health and sustainability certification program for restaurants and food service, modeled after LEED certification for buildings.



Future of Fish

Changing Tastes was retained as a strategic adviser to the Future of Fish cohort, a platform for social venture innovation and incubator platform focused on sustainable seafood backed by the Packard Foundation. In our advisory role, we provide Future of Fish with insights into consumer, culinary, demographic and business trends that create opportunities for new social ventures to both demonstrate new business practices and also create systemic changes that improve the business practices of the existing seafood industry.