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Investment Guidance

Changing Tastes provides advice on how and where to target resources to achieve success in the food and agriculture sector, from social to financial. We provide advice and strategy on how to target investments, source opportunities and design portfolios to achieve social, environmental and financial returns.



Cities of San Francisco, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver: Food Sector Strategy for Economic Development Agencies in North American cities. 

Changing Tastes and the Wallace Center were retained by the economic development, planning and public health agencies in five major North American cities to develop a roadmap for urban food sector investment to stimulate innovation and maximize local economic benefits. These benefits include increased local economic activity, job creation, wage increases and improved access to healthy foods.  The first phase of this work is a comprehensive review and analysis of food sector economic trends and best practices at the innovation, city and macroeconomic scales, including a set of case studies of innovations along all parts of the food supply chain. Also central to our review is the identification of the highest potential areas within local and regional supply chains for public sector investment, the associated risk, and the range of economic and pro-social benefits to be expected. This project will culminate with our development of a roadmap for our client cities to use in making the case for local and regional food sector investment, along with a set of decision-making and risk management tools for our clients to use when deciding where to invest public funds in the food sector.