Creating successful, sustainable food ventures

What We Do


We mobilize our expertise and our big-picture perspective to help transform our clients’ approach and increase the scale of success. We take a systems approach that identifies opportunities, currents, and challenges at the intersection of food and agriculture and the rapid changes in health, sustainability, technology and demographics.



Green Lands, Blue Waters Consortium

The Consortium comprises over 25 land grant universities, government agencies, farming associations and regional, statewide and national NGOs, this network promotes and develops sustainable agricultural enterprises to strengthen communities and enhance their resilience throughout the Mississippi River basin, from the Upper Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico. Changing Tastes was hired to provide facilitation, strategic planning, benchmarking and performance goal-setting, targeted research, fundraising and organizational change management support for the consortium overall, and also for its individual working groups that focused upon perennial grains, biofuels, agroforestry, grazing and cover crops. In addition, Changing Tastes helped raise new funding to support the transition of the consortium to a formal organization with a new executive director.