Creating successful, sustainable food ventures

Who We Are

Arlin Wasserman

is a partner at Changing Tastes, founding our company  in 2003. He is also a fellow at the Aspen Institute and a past recipient of a Food and Society Policy Fellowship, awarded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Arlin holds masters degrees in Natural Resource Sciences and Public Health and has served as an advisor on agriculture, trade and development issues to both the US Department of Agriculture and the European Union Parliament. From 2007 until 2012, Arlin served as Vice President of Sustainability at Sodexo, the world’s leading institutional food service provider, leading it’s efforts to develop and implement its first sustainability strategy encompassing both environment and public health concerns.

Cynthia Pansing

is the principal with Changing Tastes. Her areas of practice include sustainability planning and policy, strategic planning, facilitation, organizational management, community organizing, communications, evaluation, and fundraising. Cynthia has worked with farmers, business associations, corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, universities and communities to identify and develop sustainable solutions. She holds Masters degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles in environmental planning and anthropology. Cynthia is a recipient of both a Policy Fellowship from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute and a Donella Meadows Leadership Fellowship from Vermont’s Sustainability Institute.

Marc Zammit

is a partner with Changing Tastes. Until recently, he served as Vice President of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives at Compass Group North America, overseeing the development and implementation of their national sustainability platform including all food purchasing and product development programs. Prior to this role, as Director of Culinary Development at Bon Appétit Management Company, he was pivotal in shaping their emergence as the industry leader in food-related social responsibility. His area of expertise in the sustainability arena is centered on building operational and marketing strategies that are anchored in consumer environmental, health and ethical values and can be adapted to a variety of food service business models. More recently, his efforts to engage the industry in climate change related issues is allowing him to emerge as an industry subject matter expert. Marc’s culinary leadership at Compass included the development of innovative food concepts and campaigns with emphasis on authenticity, wellness and sustainability influenced menus.